Installing RAM Memory

Instructions for installing RAM memory into your computer without needing a technician, including some important safety precautions.

If you are installing RAM Memory, follow these instructions:
Once you've selected your correct memory, you can proceed to place memory card(s) into your motherboard. The procedure is not at all difficult, and can be performed by a non-technical person. However, there are a several precautions to take to prevent damaging your new RAM chips.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Information
Electrostatic discharge, the uncontrolled release of static electricity, can damage any of the electronic parts of a computer, such as the system board, memory, disk drive, add-in boards, processor, etc. ESD occurs when you touch an object that conducts electricity when it is at a different electrical charge than you are. It is best to protect your memory module from ESD, keeping the module in its original ESD-protective packaging. Do not remove it from the protective package until you are ready to install your RAM.

Note: Flash memory cards are already protected from ESD by their plastic cases; no special ESD precautions are necessary in this case.


  • Memory modules
  • Nonmagnetic tip screwdriver (for removing the cover)
  • Your computer's manual

Illustrated Guides

Multilingual Install Guide

See our Multilingual Install Guide (270K PDF) for installation
instructions in English, Spanish, French, Italian,
Swedish, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.

To view this file you will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it now for free.

Rules of Thumb for Memory Module Installation

1. Be sure that you are working in a static free environment. Remove any papers or plastic bags from your work space, and be certain to keep your PC plugged in but with the power switched off. Keeping your computer plugged in will keep the case grounded, thereby reducing the chance of damaging the system or module from ESD. Before touching your new modules or any other components in your system, be sure to touch an unpainted metal part of your case.

2. Please refer to your computer's manual when removing the PC's cover.

3. Ground your body by touching any of the unpainted metal surfaces on your computer's case or frame. (This will discharge any static electricity from your body or clothing).

4. Find your computer's memory expansion slots (check your owner's manual).

5. Insert your RAM upgrade according to the illustrations in this guide. Note how the modules are keyed specially to the socket. This guarantees that the module will be aligned correctly.

6. Once the module(s) have been installed, the PC's cover can be replaced. Congratulations! The installation is now complete.

Note: When restarting your computer you may see a message asking you to update the configuration settings. Please refer to your PC's manual on how to accomplish this step.


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